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Advanced Optoelectronic Equipment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.,Is a well-known semiconductor lighting (LED) packaging equipment suppliers, was established in February 2007, has its own registered trademark "You-light equipment", is now a national high-tech enterprises, "Shenzhen famous brand." By more than 30 years of LED industry technology experience in Hong Kong Youguang equipment chairman invested more than 10 million US dollars in Shenzhen was founded. Factory area of over 10,000 square meters. With the company's world-leading patented technology and the hard work of all employees, the company has achieved faster and greater development. The company was founded by the development of more than 60 people to now more than 300 people, of whom more than 60 R & D engineers (including master's degree or above more than 30 people). Since 2010, our company has also imported a batch of high-precision CNC machining equipment imported from Japan and Taiwan. The production capacity has increased from 60 units / month at the beginning to 120 units / month now. The output value surpasses 100 million yuan, bringing considerable investment to the country tax.

Company Products Perfect hardware and software solutions satisfy the demanding requirements of multiple high-tech industries and dictate the industry with innovation and reliability.

Our DB382 flat series and DB289 in-line series automatic high speed die bonder are suitable for a variety of products, including: LED light, digital tube, dot matrix, SMD, piranhas, COB, IC, high power LED and other LED products. Its production of "automatic high-speed solid crystal machine" in 2011 by the Chinese Science and Technology Commission identified as "international advanced" products, is the only won the honor of the solid crystal products. WB13V line high-speed wire bonders, WB13T plane high-speed wire bonders, with its superior quality of excellence, the world's leading technology, the world's only patented technology, since September 2011 Shenzhen Optical Fair was officially on the market gains Such as rectangular lighting, giant, Crystal is waiting for the listing of tens of millions of packaging companies order to break the foreign high-speed automatic wire bonders on the long-term domestic monopoly of packaging companies to fill the gaps in the domestic high-speed wire technology, and continue to lead the wire technology Into a new era. (Note: The Company already owns 3 national invention patents, 43 national utility model patents, and another 25 patents are under application)

Mature LED device technology and innovative work philosophy, high-precision software and hardware equipment, easy to learn and user-friendly Chinese LCD touch screen interface, supplemented by human design, the company's products have been the industry at home and abroad And the customer's consistent high praise and favor! Now "woo light equipment" has become the leader of domestic LED packaging equipment manufacturers!

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